#FollowFriday #Digg Style, Twitter + Digg Action

June 5th, 2009 | by Ethan Jaynes |

#FollowFriday #Digg Style, Twitter + Digg Action. I heart Digg and Twitter. Through my social media wanderings, I have noticed that a lot of my fellow Diggsters were also on Twitter. The problem is that they are not all together in one list.

Today I was doing my Twitter duty of shouting my #FollowFriday’s. ( That is a Twitter way of telling all the people that are following you to follow one of your favorite Twits. ) I came across a Tweet from my bud @WillBrinson. He did a #FollowFriday just for #DiggUsers. I RT’d it ( Retweeted in lame man’s terms ). I thought it was such a good idea, that I decided to do a post about it. Here is a list of Tweets that you can let rip. They contain all of the Diggers that I know that are on Twitter. Leave a comment with both your Digg and Twitter usernames if you want to be added. If you want to be removed from the list, write comment and it will be done. Thanks. I am Ethanator1088 on Digg and EthanJaynes on Twitter.

Just copy and paste these tweets to keep this rolling, or just follow all of the Twits so you know what’s going down on Digg.

special #digg #followfriday #ff @Surferess @casspa @ThePowerDigger @jboitnott @Seo1stpage @EthanJaynes @AmyVernon

special #digg #followfriday #ff @Jenocide312 @Regretful @BridgetAyers @delsquacho @mclinklove @BeShirtHappy @DeathWish808 @pingpants

special #digg #followfriday #ff @louiebaur @jenocide312 @openthink2@AngelWardriver @nocturbulous @sogeshirts @aussiecynic

special #digg #followfriday #ff @cheth @EMFK @sogeshirts @delsquacho @Surferess @mmaine2008 @Gunaxin @delsquacho

special #digg #followfriday #ff @anklesnap @steelydaniel @buzzededition @Jenocide312 @AbsolutelyTrue @sportsrubbish @willbrinson

special #digg #followfriday #ff @Regretful @BridgetAyer @delsquach @mclinklove @pingpants @mklopez @Talsiach @hothardware

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