Cops Pull Over Donut Truck, Pic

May 25th, 2009 | by Ethan Jaynes |

Cops Pull Over Donut Truck, Pic. Do we file this under irony or abuse of power?

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    1. 7 Responses to “Cops Pull Over Donut Truck, Pic”

    2. By docksquad on May 25, 2009 | Reply

      ahh nice

    3. By Clipart For Free on May 28, 2009 | Reply


      I’m sorry sir, but we have to commandeer your vehicle.

    4. By john on Jun 1, 2009 | Reply

      Company line, are you ready? Here goes “It was photoshopped!”

    5. By PolloE on Jun 9, 2009 | Reply

      We know it photoshopped, but that’s not the point, it’s meant to be funny!!! Who cares if it’s photoshopped!?
      -I don’t

    6. By Me on Aug 1, 2009 | Reply

      In my city cops are forbidden to go to donut shops while on duty. Everywhere else is ok though

    7. By Railfun on Sep 15, 2009 | Reply

      My cousin was a cop and saw a donut truck doing 50 in a 35 one morning. He didn’t pull it over for exactly this reason.

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