Small Changes to my blogs

October 15th, 2008 | by Ethan Jaynes |

I am announcing some small changes to my blogs. I have 4 blogs now. I need to make sure they all have a direction.

NESW Sports will continue to bring the best sports videos that I find. There will not be any changes to NESW sports, except I will try to write more on the videos I post.

PWNED Video is my new blog. It is all about PWNED videos. You know, videos where people get PWNED. Everyone loves PWNED videos. :-)

SEC Football Blogger will continue on the same course. No changes there. I love me some SEC Football!

Homework 4 Dummies will be my new personal blog. The name makes no sense and a lot of the time, neither do I. :-)  I will also likely write about my son Aiden, my simple view on politics, my life, great videos that do not apply to the other blogs I have, and other my other happenings on that blog.

Please check them out, subscribe, and leave comments. Thanks!

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