Now that this is my personal blog :-)

October 15th, 2008 | by Ethan Jaynes |

Now that this is my personal blog :-) . I will tell you what happened Saturday. Aiden had his 2nd birthday. ( Pics will be up soon, on this blog ) WE had a blast and Aiden had soo much fun. He is so cute, funny, smart and he also had a haircut that makes him look so much older. It is funny how haircuts do that to sweet little babes.

We rented one of those huge blowup castles for the kids. They had fun in it. AS soon as they left…. Me and my brother Heath had a wrestling match that consisted of me jumping on his shoulder and cracking/bruising a rib. OUCH. That was one real short wrestling match. I have been in pain since that moment and it is most likely going to last for a month.

So Aiden had lots of fun, and I remember the party…. every time I try to move. :-)

This is an old pic of Aiden, and a pic of the blow up castle that I got PWNED in. Yes he crawled into the Dryer about a year ago, and we had to take a pic. Do not worry, we do not leave the dryer open all the time. We were just doing laundry and he wanted our attention, so he crawled right in. :-)

Aiden Crawled into the Dryer

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    1. 3 Responses to “Now that this is my personal blog :-)”

    2. By Carolyn on Oct 15, 2008 | Reply

      Ethan!!! This is going to be a fabulous blog. I want more Aiden stories.

    3. By ethanator1088 on Oct 15, 2008 | Reply

      I will post more Aiden stories and also crazy videos that do not fit my other blogs. I also might go on the occasional rant.

      Do not expect too much because I have never had a personal blog before. This is all new to me.

      Thanks for the comment CH! :-)

    4. By Nathan on Oct 19, 2008 | Reply

      This photo of Aiden is too cute. Post more. I want to hear more about yall.

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