Science Experiments Gone Wrong Videos, Explosions

February 23rd, 2008 | by Ethan Jaynes |

Science Experiments Gone Wrong Videos, Explosions.This is a very important lesson. Always be careful when you do an experiment of any kind. You may think that everything is safe and then something blows up. Always where protective eyewear and as you can see below that it helps to have adult supervision, but sometimes they are the ones that blow things up. Science Experiments Gone Wrong Videos, Explosions.

Science Class Experiment Explosion

The same video with emphasis

They put dry ice in a bottle to make it explode. The problem is that he did not have time to get away. The sound is delayed. @ 29 seconds into the video you can pause it and see that the bottle explodes right as he sets it down.

Child tries to crush a can by putting into water. That sounds harmless. First he has to heat it up with fire. Now you know why this video is on this post. Something goes wrong with the fire.

They thought that the rocket was taped to the ground. The tape was not strong enough.

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