How to write A+ paper in 8 hours?

February 26th, 2018

Students often feel like they have plenty of time to complete a paper, but end up doing the entire work in one day right before the deadline. This is quite common, but you have probably wondered how to write a really worthy paper in a few hours before the date of submission. Here is a guide for quick paper writing that really works.

Choose the topic for your paper

The most convenient case for writing a good paper quickly is when your instructor permits you to select the topic yourself. It is important to choose the broadest topic you can think of. Try to choose the one that has already been debated about by many researchers previously. This will allow you to use the previously conducted investigations in your essay rather than reinvent something that is already known to the wide public.

Conduct a research

It is interesting to note that the quickest way to write a good paper is to conduct the research at the initial stages of the writing process and formulate a thesis statement later. So where should you get started? Despite the common opinion of all professors, the best way to formulate an outline for your paper is to use information contained in Wikipedia. As a rule, this resource provides a wide overview of various issues that you can use in your research. However, you should not plagiarize from this website, because your instructor is likely to check your paper for plagiarism without a second thought.

Copy and paste phrases, quotes and notions into Google

In order to write a paper quickly, you will need to act fast. Therefore, the best way to do the job quickly is to copy and paste some phrases or concepts into Google and search for some other sources where you could possibly find information on your topic of interest.

Write the paper quickly and efficiently

After gathering enough information, you can proceed to the actual writing process. You need to start from developing a thesis, and then write the body part, introduction and conclusion. Some students think that conclusion is the most difficult part to compose. In fact, it takes much time to fill the space in the conclusive part of your paper, so be prepared for a portion of hard work. Finally, create the list of references to your paper and cite them according to the relevant citation style. Now you have an A+ essay, so all you have to do is wait for a high grade.

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Obama Auto Tune Raps the State of the Union, Music Video. Yeah, this is why the internet was invented.

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The Jimmy Kim-Mel Story, Staring Mel Gibson, Trailer.

“This is Jimmy’s special spinning time”

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I was right. “Big Bang Theory” Is Not Funny.

January 18th, 2010

I was right. “Big Bang Theory” Is Not Funny. Here is a heart breaker / mind blower. Shows are taped in front of an audience. The audience is shown applause signs. The people oblige the studio and applaud regardless of what is in front of them.

The Big Bang Theory is a good example. I always thought the show premise was idiotic, and pointless. If you take out the applause sign motored laughter, this is what you get.

Hat tip, Huffington Post